Thier Scars Are Screaming.

May 8, 2010
By , Fort Collins, CO
How deep are their scars?
The ones we fail to see?
Hidden behind their everyday life
and who they pretend to be.
On the outside they seem fine
only I know they're hurting deep down inside.

The boy who hides his insecurities underneath a sweat shirt
Leaving cuts on his arm
for all the world to see.
Hiding from everything his parents wanted him to be.
The perfect son
their highest expectations completely unfufilled.
Not his own fault but theirs
left with the scar of the memories of his young mother.
A part of him unfilled.
He talks of this hole he has
that he can't get rid of.
Wanting something to fill him
something to take the everyday pain away.
As he picks up that knife
he knows that for a moment
everything will be okay.
For that brief moment he is content
and then he sees his scars.
Left on his arms for all the world to see.
They see that something is wrong
but many don't stop to care.
When all he needs was someone to listen
and he chose me.

The girl who has become my best friend
her scars I did not see.
She seemed perfectly fine and then she told me.
That beautiful girl who hid from her dad when he got angry.
Taking it on her brother
as she sat there
for him to stop.
Nothing she could do would stop him
from hurting her brother.
And so she sat in the corner as her dad took out his anger.
This little boy crying and tears filled the room.
She laiyd under the kitchen table
Knowing her brother was in pain and she could do nothing.
Her childhood memories are lost
beneath her brother's scream.
She has never been the same.
Right there on her heart
she has scars, that will never fade.
When she needed someone to be there for her.
And she chose me.

The one guy I thought had everything;
I thought he was perfect.
I was wrong.
Hidden beneath his smiles
was pain that even I hadn't seen.
His world suddenly came crashing down.
Diagnosed with depression.
And his whole life spiraled down.
He felt no purpose
in his life.
And therefore there was no use for him to live.
He tried it.
But God saved him from him self.
His dad came in to find him
with a noose around his neck.
His dad grabbed his little boy into his arms
knowing things would never be the same.
He sat in his room and cried.
Scars left around his neck from where the rope burned.
When he needed someone to listen
and he chose me.

Each of them caught in a life time of pain.
Too much for them to bear
and when they couldn't carry about them selves
I took their burdens for them.
I know I can't do everything for everyone.
But I can do something for someone.
I took the time to listen
and because of this I know
that people need people when they're hurting
and I'm glad they choose me.

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