May 8, 2010
By , Irvine, CA
“Bless you, my darling, and remember you are always in the heart - oh tucked so close there is no chance of escape - of your sister.”

We played a game you could never win
Even if you tried, we are covered in skin
And guess what?
No one gets to come in because
Habit is a thorn in our sides
And it will never forget the highway
That calls for our hearts inside
Hands in hands, hearts in these hands
I will never let go
Wherever I go (Sisters, I will carry your hearts with me)

That creek runs through a desert
Trees only grow on its earthen banks
Here, we won’t be hurt
For that I give thanks
Filled with families that only just met
Not bound by blood, which has stained the past
Only bound by sisterhood
But still, the air we breathe
Has aftertaste (Sisters, I will never let go)

Campfire, cold water, a beaten down tree
A broken baseball bat; that will set us free
Pouring out alcohol, a stone on her face
That leaves a trace of dirt, water, tears
Before putting back on a white plastic mask
Beating the ground, with innocent fists
Violet wrists
Smashing a mirror, shards in the air
Singing to her own soul
We know it’s not fair (Wherever I go)

Never silence our screams
From your dreams, or forget
The sound of ripping fabric and soulful cries,
Images of shaking hands and shoulders falling down like tears,
The walls that slid back,
The night so black,
The men that ruined our worlds,
Stole the sky,
Made eyes rain, and
Hearts melt to stone:
Never forget our pain. (Wherever you go)

I will rise above these ugly skies,
Past failed tries, stories
Of a place with clouds never beautiful
I will never tell.
I will rise to the rim of a rock
Where the sky is beyond belief
We rose up
Beyond grief
We are still rising up (Sisters, listen to me)

Did you want to see me broken?
I will rise, rise
Like moons and like suns
We picked up these wild hearts and
Gave it one more try
So rise to the surface
Till the faces of the past
Can’t see past the depths
Of the waters they drown in

Sisters, I will carry your hearts with me
I will never let go
Wherever I go
Wherever I go

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