i wish there was a world

May 7, 2010
By tracknvball8 SILVER, Latham, New York
tracknvball8 SILVER, Latham, New York
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"Be able to go shopping for a bathing suit and not become depressed afterward."-Marilyn vos Savant

I wish there was a world
Where the sun shined every day
The clouds were white and puffy
No pollution in the air
And the air fresh, crisp, and clean

I wish there was a world
Where people judged you on your character
People listen to your ideas
Your views on the world
And take them into account

I wish there was a world
Where it didn’t matter what you wore
I could wear sweatpants and t-shirts everyday
And no one would judge
And no one would care

I wish there was a world
Where people weren’t selfish and greedy
Bullying was unheard of
Drugs and alcohol were nonexistent
And disease, famine, and destruction gone

I wish there was a world
Where people didn’t lie and cheat
Laws were never broken
Crime was never done
And people were good

I wish there was a world
Where everyone had a purpose
People had a reason to live
Cared about everything
And have goals to work for

I wish there was a world
Where people cared about themselves
No anorexia forced by media
Weren’t negative towards their body
And realize they were perfect the way they were

I wish there was such a world
This world does not exist
Because there would be no problems
No problems to chip away at and solve
Because then what would be the point of a world?
Where society functioned so properly and orderly
There would be no havoc to solve

No charities and pity for the hungry and poor
No rebuilding after hurricanes and earthquakes
No emotion towards anything in the perfect world
No protests against companies, government, and wars
No things to work towards to improve in society
No building bridges, roads, buildings, cities, towns…
No inventing inventions, new things, new ideas
Because the world was already perfect

And without problem there would be no world to live for
Even though we sometimes wish for that world

The author's comments:
I was pretty tired when I wrote this so if its horrible I'm sorry :P

I was wondering about all the problems in the world... but then it would be perfect, so what would be the point?

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