Medow in the Valley

May 7, 2010
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Amidst the voices calling, beleaguering your mind, hark, and hear the valley’s song.
A secret Eden, sprung from a simple dip in the expanse of Nature’s shapeless form,
Each morning, is awakened by the soft glow of the dozy Sun rising over the august mountain peaks.
Strands of golden-pink light stream through thousands of drops of glistening dew,
Thousands of tiny prisms scattering light amid the lush forest of grass,
Thousands of resplendent Suns commanding their floral subjects to rise for the new day’s duties.
Unfurl! delicate blossoms, and reveal unto us your most dazzling form.
Rise! blades of grass, and swell your bodies to plump perfection.
Reach out! downy trichomes, and feel the verve brought by the celestial Sun.
As their fair subjects execute every command, away fly the sovereign orbs, for their deciduous morning reign has ended:
A fine mist rises from the valley floor, ascending sublimely into the azure above.
The brightly shining wildflowers release a certain joie de vivre into the air.
It intoxicates every being, sending electricity coursing through every nerve: feverish felicity alights upon each mind.
The spindly legs of dainty fawns prance in the pristine pond, sending uneven ripples to adulterate its still, mirrored edge.
Mother does dance on land, free to caper about in this Shangri-La, where Gaia and Aether meet.
Bounding kits jump and dive in the verdant sea of gently waving grass, evanescent bundles of atavistic bliss, caressed by the rich, warm Sun.
Not so far away, russet hares join in the euphoric delirium, petite nostrils twitching wildly as they leap freely through the sweet, heavenly air.
Carried by the dancing wind, birds revel in capricious exaltation, soaring gracefully on high, kissed gently by the ephemeral clouds.
Every animal suspended in splendorous rapture by the glowing radiance of the balmy afternoon, until it fades into sparkling twilight.
Hazy fog enshrouds the valley, providing cover for the safe retreat of the revelers into the wooded periphery.
The gaudy flowers, lacking the illumination of the day, retract their petals and draw their ebullient merriment out of the air.
The blanket of darkness and peace settles over the whole of this Arcadia, bestowing its all-encompassing tranquility throughout.
Scattered stars shimmer and glitter across the indigo tapestry of the sky,
Mimicking so earnestly the brilliant shimmer of the Moon.
Her mild silver glow pacifies each soul, exquisitely radiating from afar.
O glorious cradle, shelter these creatures in your beatific pastures,
Preserving their innocent and happy idyll forevermore.

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