"The Nod"

May 7, 2010
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There once was a boy named Rod,
Who contained a power called;the "Nod",
To you this may sound rather odd,
But guys look at him like a god.

All this boy named Rod,
Had to do was give a nod,
When he saw a girl pass by,
What happens next is very sly,
The girl with whom he gave the "Nod",
Would walk right to him in a trod,
He'd get her number or a date,
Yes,the "Nod" you should appreciate.

Then one day this boy named Rod,
Met a girl who's name was Adod,
She was immune to the "Nod",
And thought of Rod,
As she did of cod,
(Which was a very large hate),
But from Adod,Rod wanted a date,
Adod said,"Only if you quit this game",
"For I think its all very lame".

Well, our poor friend Rod,
Did not want to give up the "Nod",
But he fell in love with dear Adod,
And she grew to like him more than cod,
So he stopped this game that is oh so odd,
For with Adod he felt as a god.

Our dear Rod and sweet Adod,
They had a son and named him Todd,
And when Todd was in his prime,
He found a game to pass the time,
And all his friends thought of him a god,
For he had the gift, the gift of the "Nod".

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