I Love You <3

May 7, 2010
By TopazDebussey BRONZE, Lakeville, Minnesota
TopazDebussey BRONZE, Lakeville, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
\"Be strong. Things will get better. It may be stormy now but it can\\\'t rain forever.\"

I sit here wondering.
Wondering if you ever think about me.
Wondering if you even remember me

Did you mean it?
All the things you said to me.
Or were they lies?

I was a fool.
A fool, to believe you and your lies.

When I think of you, my heart aches…
I think of your smile
The smile that got me entranced
Your eyes
The twinkle of mischief
The way you laugh
So melodious, it makes me weak in my knees
The way you held me tight
Your embrace warm and protecting
I loved you, I still love you, I always will…

And I sit here
In this dark corner
The lighting dim
“What happened?”
What happened to us?

I take a walk
The cool breeze raking through my hair
The wind is whispering,
Taunting me
Telling me all of the things I want to forget
I hear a loud crack
I look down to see a rotten branch, snapped in two
Like us.
Once a strong, sturdy branch. Looking like it could never be broken.
But, we got weaker.
We went rotten.
And we broke…

I sit on the fresh earth.
The grass is greener than ever, covered in dew.
The lake is shining, the reflection of the bright, white moon, shimmering in the water.
I look up at the stars, so bright, so wise, and so old.
I wish we were.
I wish of everything we could have been.
But knowing it could never happen.
And I sit here.
Wishing so many things that will never happen…

I sit here and I start to cry.
The sobs and pain taking over my body.
All the memories of you and me flash through my mind.
The day I met you, the day we kissed, the day you held me tight.
The day you told me you loved me.
You said you always will.
Another promise broken.

I remember everything about you.
Yet you remember nothing about me.
I thought I knew you.
I was proved wrong.

I still dream that you’ll take me back.
But, it is a dream.
And this is reality.

I see you with her.
Jealousy fills me.
I think of those days,
The ones with us.
But I don’t dare think of them anymore.

Broken dreams, and broken promises.
Like me.
You broke my heart.
You broke me.

And I still love you, I always have, and I always will.

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