May 15, 2010
By AlysonM SILVER, Clinton, Iowa
AlysonM SILVER, Clinton, Iowa
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I've never loved a boy before you.
I'll never feel the same way about anyone besides you.
I don't know exactly when it happened.
I mean, when I started to fall for you.
I wish I could pin point that moment in time.
But I guess it happened over time.
No matter what you do,
These words I promise,
Will never go away.
These words, their meaning,
Will never begin to fade.
I could write all day.
You know, writing is what I do.
Lately, whenever I begin,
The page fills up with you.
I can't help it.
There's to much inside that I need to express.
You've created a jumble of
Within me.
These words and thoughts
And feelings just keep pouring out.
And I can't stop,
Because this meaning is neverending.
I don't care what he says
Or she says.
Or they say.
No one knows Us.
You know it won't come
Between Us.
How could it,
When none of him matters at all?
Only you matter at all.
To me, at least.
I'm not who he thinks.
I'm only who you think.
I love this,
I love us.
I love this secret 
That They could never understand.
It's a secret we can tell 
But will forever be kept
Because from the outside 
Looking in it just makes no sense.


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