Suicide Stunner

May 4, 2010
By JohnG2323 BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
JohnG2323 BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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I’ve never killed a man before but tonight could be it
I think this as I hold my knife, tightening its grip
I stalk my prey from the back he’d never see it coming
Almost there, just one more step, it’s too late now for running
I look down at my target preparing to kill
I’ve been waiting so long for this heart pounding thrill
As I raise weapon I look to the sky
There is no sign from heaven so I let out a cry
And plunge the blade into the skull
Of a man whose days were always so dull
And needed an escape from his unsatisfying life
His nagging kids and boring wife
I gasped when I saw the victims’ face
A horror thought impossible, a fall from grace
For the man that died on this night of grief
Was me…..

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