The Night Everything Changed

May 4, 2010
By Anonymous

I got into your car and took my clothes off
Insecurity instantly rushed to the surface
Every bone in my body was shaking with doubt
Thoughts raced through my head
I shouldn’t be here with you
My heart and body were battling
I suspected my body was going to win
Our breathing quickened when you touched my skin
Your touch sent a chill down my spine
You told me not to be nervous as your hands slowly slide down my thigh
Your hands were so cold and none of this felt right
The sudden urge to leave took over my thoughts
The urge and my body decided to combine
Reaching for the door handle, you quickly grabbed my hand
You said nothing as panic filled my body
No words from you, only gestures
It was useless trying to find my voice
I knew you wouldn’t listen or understand
After pain and sadness, it was all over
Slamming your car door shut as I got out
Feelings of relief, vulnerability, and confusion entered my head as I walked alone through the wet grass

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