May 4, 2010
Sometimes I forget how the wind does blow ,
Or who comes as friend, as foe.
Life’s like a puzzle ,a key ,a riddle.
And sometimes I find myself caught in the middle.
I am caged . I am free. Contradictions there be.
With my eyes I can see, but my heart lies to me.
The ties that grip me, the fears that unhinge me,
are the tears that needn’t be shed.
I’m a bird you can see, so I said.
But sometimes there’s doubt I won’t reach the shore,
That dreams are simply lore, lies at the core,
That the more I fly , the higher I’ll fall, far away from safeties thrall,
Like a forsaken doll against a dusty wall,
That when I feel tall, all I am is small,
But I will sail through this hail , ambition to sustain me.
My heart is the key , bruised and confused it may be.
So you see ,I am dark , I am light. I won’t go with out a fight.
My sight is blurry and sometimes I am consumed with worry.
The gossips, the screamers, the screechers, the preachers ,
Yet over and under sideways and twisted, the most important thing; please don’t miss it. They never said life was easy , they just said it was worth it.

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