Sorrows of a mans Best Friend

April 29, 2010
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He was always in such serene
Compared to the other one, who seemed to live a life of somber
Though when ever I watched them, I always felt exhilarated.
For he is the living light, while I am lightless.
I was deeply deprived of a companion, A man of solitary
Disposition. When ever I watched him, he brought insidious

Pleasure upon me. Gracefully entrapping me as he played insidiously.
From sun rise to sun down, never a slither of fatigue. Only energy of a serene
child. He had always been there for me. Then just like that, I was back to the same solitary
life as before he entered my life. Only in my dreams, can he be there, deprived of any somber.
If I could only take that day back. The day I extinguished his light, the day I became empty...lightless.
He knew that he was the only on who made me feel exhilarated,

happy to be alive. I wake up now knowing he would forgive me. For my action would only exhilarate
a man who eradicates the life out of the living. I had to do it to, put an end to the insidious
Creature who lived within him. Lurking around inside him. Just waiting in the lightless
Cavities, to one day reek havoc. Though he always seemed to not be bothered by it, serene
Emotion day after day. I then noticed it was upon him. His coat began to wither away to a somber gray color. Only remains of his original coat could be seen on his face. He laid in his solitary

Bed where he knew there was some comfort. I too had also lived a life of solitary
Confinement. He was not the only one living in agony. He was one of few who exhilarated
his soul.

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