Beauty is..

April 29, 2010
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The sun shines on her at the perfect angle.
Her eyes fill with light.
Her hair glimmers, and shadows slide across her soft face.
An image of perfection.
A moment of beauty.
But one that fades as quickly as the sun sets.

A blur of color behind an unsettled sky.
The smell of life once again sprouting from the eager soil.
The distant flashes of lighting trickle away, and the blur of color becomes more defined.
The world seems sharper.
The growth of the world is in focus, and the birds sing a new song.
An earth gushing with beauty
Until the winds rage again.

An ornate cathedral in a distant land.
Covered in gold.
Beautiful windows seemingly strewn about, and antique wood protects the priceless relics inside. Visitors have a natural affinity toward the musky scent emanating from the very walls.
An object full of beauty from its beginning, and not lacking in character, but stained with a beauty that Diminishes with the coming of each day.

Beauty is relative.
Beauty succumbs.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Beauty is terrene.
Beauty is chimerical.
Beauty is eccentric.
Beauty is genuine.
Beauty is erratic.

Beauty is consistent, yet completely multifaceted.

How can this be?

A Being above all else.
A consistent character of everything honorable.
Divinely powerful, yet gentle and unconditionally loving.
The creator of all things beautiful, the promise behind a blur of color, and the protector and refuge for The weary.

Beauty that will never deteriorate. Beauty that will prevail. Beauty is the King of the Universe.

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