Dream Giver

April 29, 2010
By nmatthews GOLD, Somers Point, New Jersey
nmatthews GOLD, Somers Point, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
In order to write about life, first you must live it!
Ernest Hemingway

Drinking in the midday breeze,
I’m sitting under Poplar trees.
My flesh is soaked up by the sun;
Baking ‘til the day is done.

The horizon seems off so far,
A line against the murky tar
That hits the shore in late night tide,
Ignited as the sun takes side.

My body aches for the love unknown;
A pain that makes this small heart grow,
Expanding like the midnight skies
I’ll lay seashore and close my eyes.

In sleep, I know I cannot feel…
Abandon vigor, I leave my zeal.
Ms. Catcher comes to claim my dreams,
She sucks them from these tattered seams.

But all is tranquil in his presence;
If not his touch, I hold his essence.
My heart will swell as love is sewn-
The time it takes for kisses blown.

He pushes Catcher far from me
And takes back dreams I cannot see.
They’re withered now, I knew them for
They’d always knock upon my door.

Suppose one day they went away,
Departure left me dull and gray.
His romance water, his words restore
My dreaming thoughts forevermore.

It makes my heart so often rise,
If not our lips, we share the same skies.
If not of our bodies, we bear the same eyes;
This makes my heart so often rise.

My lover is a fruitful land,
One day he’ll lay me in the sand
His gentle press will make me swoon.
One day my love will hand me the moon.

The mystery in hope anew,
The wonder in a heart’s sinew;
Enigma in the swelling pride,
The question in two hearts tied.

The riddle of a distant friend,
Whose words will stand until the end;
An inquest from a fragile mind
Finding solace in a man so kind.

His impact many upon the leathers,
Wooden circle, the ancient feathers;
He breaks Ms. Catcher, he pulls her strings…
Who knew a ‘catcher a lethal thing?

If he cannot push me down,
Then he makes me smile, he makes me frown;
Though his touch not on my bed,
He breaks dream catchers above my head.

And I will not believe unless for him;
I must not dream thoughts thick or thin
For strengthened dreams bring naught but sorrow
And bind me tightly to the morrow.

If I’m bound, I’m tied to this—
This longing urge that makes me miss
The droning feeling of the left abyss
In which I’ve fled to seek this bliss.

I’ve crossed myself, well, now the seas;
I cannot rise like the tall fir trees
Nor buzz along like the honeybees,
If I seek him, it’s sole through dreams.

No matter the make, regardless the miles
Regardless of struggle, no matter the trials,
Promises empty or words so full,
Where’s to run from this crippling pull?

The horizon far, I would not care if
Not through the mist, my love was there.

A man to bring hope,
A love to tend dreams,
A man to break rope,
A love to fix seams.

I’d wait the world and then the blue,
Waste my forever to be with you.

The author's comments:
A poem written for a dear friend, I hope that people get inspiration in that there is always someone out there who can restore their dreams. No matter how far off they might seem, there's always someone who can make you believe that you might just be able to grasp them.

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on May. 26 2010 at 6:31 pm
Chicklet0903 GOLD, Watertown, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"The funny thing about sacrifice is that sometimes, when you think you're losing something, you're actually just passing it on to someone else."

I've read this several times, and I love it more and more.  Your word choice is perfect.


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