Just A Dream...

April 29, 2010
My palms are sweaty,
And I can’t breathe,
I’m running from this dream,
It can’t be true,
I won’t face it,
You wouldn’t leave,
Nor would you fake it.
Would you?

My arms have goosebumps,
My lips turned blue,
Shivering inside,
In this lie untrue.
So I run, for miles it seems,
It’s you I can’t find,
You wouldn’t hide,
Would you?

I stop to catch my breath,
And I put a hand on my chest,
That’s when I see,
There’s nothing where my heart is supposed to be.

This causes a new wave of panic,
But then I wake up with a start,
There you are beside me,
And in your possession my heart.

For it was just a dream,
And there you lay,
That world of lies does not exist,
Does it?

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