Hiding Behind

April 29, 2010
By strawberry_honey GOLD, Kansas City, Missouri
strawberry_honey GOLD, Kansas City, Missouri
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I'm hiding behind distress.
I'm hiding behind my heart.
I act like I'm living in luxury,
but I'm really very misery.
Not caring about who see's me,
as long as they just don't see me.
Standing in the mirror, thinking as I stare.
Seeing my reflection asking, "Am I really there?"
Looking at this girl asking why does she cry?
Is it really that bad
that this is the life that she sees?
I turn away from the mirror
forgetting that the girl is me.
But, again I pack it all away preparing for a new day.
Still in the back of my heart I think,
"Well, this is the end to my start."

The author's comments:
Have you ever felt like you were hiding everything in? You might smile in front of your friends but you no deep down you hate yourself? well, this is what this poem is about.

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