The Traitor

April 29, 2010
By Dashuria BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Dashuria BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
You can never really understand life's meaning, unless you realize who you are.

I tried so hard to keep everything together

To be myself and much more for you

But what did I get in return, a broken heart and artificial memories

While you walked away with relief washing over you

I remained standing in awe on the verge of tears

As I stared out after the one that I had just lost

I began to question myself

Why did you have to choose me?
What made me your target?

Others see me as I am
As for you, you never took the time

All I wanted was to feel an emotion

One that my parents cannot give me

I thought I had created a shell

Where no one could penetrate or knock me down

You proved to me that no thing exists

You showed me that once again I am the loner

The one who is always standing on the sidelines

Waiting to catch one's eye

In you I saw the type of person
Who could love me or break my heart

I am stubborn to have taken such a risk

My consequences of everything showed that

No matter how hard I tried
Nothing seemed to matter

I fell deeply and no result came

In the end it had only wasted breath and time

Taking the time to write you letters

And watching your reply bring a smile to my face

Not once did I think that you would decide

To deface my heart with a couple of senseless words

How can I try to hold on
if you are encouraging me to fall

Why did I believe that you would be any different

I know the answer to that one though

I believed because I fell for three hypocritical words

They can be heard in the plots of love stories

The three demeaning words that could create and impact on anyone

I love you

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