My Dream

May 4, 2010
I can't sleep,
when I dream,
I think of you,
yoru hope,
your love,
then I awake,
and see,
that we aren't,
meant to be,
as much as I wish,
we could be together,
you don't like me,
I see,
I know that you are free,
on the market,
but you can do,
much better than me,
you are perfect,
I am doubtful,
you have perfect features,
I have none,
I know you will never,
shall never,
read this,
but my emotion,
is to broad to ignore,
my dreams,
are fairy tails,
even though you don't see,
I know I have no chance,
to be your girl,
but when I look at you,
With your ocean blue eyes,
they give me hope,
that maybe,
with your ocean blue eyes,
you will see me for my inside,
instead of my out,
as for now?
I dream of that day,
that day when you see something else,
of me,
and dream of me,
as I dream of you.

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