Caribbean Paradise

May 4, 2010
By Hari_Srinivasan SILVER, Cupertino, California
Hari_Srinivasan SILVER, Cupertino, California
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Favorite Quote:
Man, a mere microcosm, a snowdrop in the sea
The cosmos, a macrocosm, of galaxies and stars to infinity

Shangri-la in the Caribbean Sea
The Bahamas, a tropical felicity
Sun and sand, ocean and trees
Heart wings in pure tranquility

Terns and Gulls soar over the sea
Pigeons nestle in the Royal Tower eaves
Mighty Atlantis Hotel, soars tall and wide
A chronicle told from 18 hotel floors

Coconut trees swaying below
Leaves curved to the winds flow
Slender brown trunks bend like a bow
Reports the bird on the 18th floor

Paradise Lagoon with kayaks and boats
Dazzling coral sands on Atlantic beach
Jet skis zoom on the Caribbean Sea
A crab proclaims on the sandy beach

Royal Baths Pool ringed with seats
Sipping cool drinks, warm relief
Color dots of tourists down below
Tweets the bird on the 14th floor

Manta Rays slide into the shallows
Lost Atlantis relics in the depths below
Sharks and jellyfish are archeologists
Narrates the shrimp on the aquarium floor

Mile long river with swirling rapids
Leisure and current, a joyous journey
Mayan tube through shark filled views
Chirps the bird on the 10th floor

Girls in bikinis all suntanned
Swimmers on slides, tumble on down
Grottos bubbling with gentle heat
Whistles the lifeguard at the poolside

Boys in trunks lounge in balconies
A game in hand, an eye on the sea
Fierce is the pull, call of the sea
Declares the bird on the 8th floor

Dolphins arc and show off tricks
Uplift noses, wait for a kiss
Sea Lions bark is distance haze
Observes the bug at Dolphin Cove

Ropebridge leads to pleasing Cove Beach
Waves kiss the beach, Oh so tenderely
Turquoise ocean plays a melody
Hums the bird on the 4th floor

Man chisels away, wooden art in hand
A drummer stands by, a photo opportunity
Women hawk trinkets in Straw Market place
Details the spider on the banana tree

Nassau Harbor with huge Ocean Liners
Marinas filled with sumptuous yatchs
Parasails are mere patches in open sea
Reports the bird on the ground floor

The Bahamians- an affable people
Fountains play their island’s symphony
Ocean and trees join the company
Time slows down in tropical glee

The author's comments:
Inspired by my recent vacation to The Bahamas in the Caribbean. We stayed at the Atlantis Royal Towers hotel on Paradise Island.

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