Walking On Ice All Year Round

April 28, 2010
By Akirey BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Akirey BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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~Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring.
Oscar Wilde

I have been wandering on ice all my life
Being careful of each step I took
I was horrified
what if I fell?
I never dare to skip or run.

I heard in my mind
the word pounding inside me
never leaving my thoughts

not only was that word inside me
but all around me

Friends told me
come on run with me!
Skip and glide come, come
it is so much fun!
Why are you scared?
Don't be a coward!
look at us we are fine
come on try!

I saw the ice crack
I saw beyond the pleasure of play
I moved
much too petrified

I warned they would fall
I held out my hand told them to come near me
to listen to me

Some started to stagger
Realizing it was no longer amusing

Others rejoiced at the fact that
they were

Never did they realize
the instability of the ice

I pleaded
I begged
I cried
Please stop!

They burst into laughter
started to jump
everything is marvelous
they said
Life is oh so great

Then it all happened too

Too slow!

Then I witnessed
what I had dreaded

I saw them
flounder for a few seconds
now afraid but
to full of themselves to say

I held out my hand
they said
they were fine

I saw in their eyes
the trepidation

Then the ice
so fast so quickly
did they sink
they tried so hard to get out
to get up

I tried to help
but knew if
I went to close I would
be there
with them too

Too quickly the
ice absorbed them

Too quickly did they disappear

Still I am afraid of the ice

I still walk on the ice
and I will
for the rest of my life

Helping those who
want to just walk like
no jumping
or running
or skipping
or dancing

But they don't realize walking
is safe
it too can be fun
it is not until they see the
insecurity of what could be called
unsafe play

I will be there
holding out my hand

Though I see the land
where everything is safe
where no one will sink
I dare not go
they are too
not knowing the danger that
millions are in

Few come to help
but never do they stay
"It's not worth it if
I can't help them all ",
" I will not put myself in that danger "
their excuses I hear

I must witness
many people get
swallowed up in the ice

But I am happy
for those few that
saw that not all was great

That walking is safe

I would rather be here
be called a coward
laughed and pointed at

walking on ice
the rest of my life

The author's comments:
Being selfless in a given situation might create a better tomorrow. You can save a life from sinking into the water by walking on ice instead of running. Helping them to understand that they to should do the same. This poem is for those who need a little guidance.

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