The Light out of the Tunnel

April 28, 2010
By UbanWriter11 SILVER, Canal Winchester, Ohio
UbanWriter11 SILVER, Canal Winchester, Ohio
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We are all put on earth only to be Witnesses,
Not judges and Lawyers,
In the hypocritical and narcissistic world we call home,
People are so quick to judge,
So quick to put down,
But what if we all stop and hold our heads up,
Eyes closed,
And look up towards the heavens,
With a blind eye,
And search for the light,
The spark,
The peace love and joy God created his people to carry inside of them,
The innocence we call life,
The ever most importance to the conceivable imagination,
If I hold my head high to make it where I aspire to be,
While at the same time I step over my brothers and sisters,
Does that make me sane?
Because that is how life is supposed to be right?
If instead I choose to hold my head down,
And keep my ears open,
Listening for that ever omnificent light to reach me,
Does that make me insane?
Because you cant hear light right?
But you cannot judge me,
We are all put on earth only to be Witnesses,
My whole life I have been in a cave,
For the light to reach to reach me,
When you lift your head out of the darkness of the tunnel and finally you see the light,
You realize that life (people) isn’t (aren’t) what is seems (all the same),
But rather than waiting until I reach that point,
I am pleased with my dormant ambitions,
Waiting until the light brings the true meaning of life to my eyes,
So that I can give my testimony,
And be judged by THE judge,
The Lord Jesus Christ.

The author's comments:
Ricky Williams said that "implicit in being lost means theres redemption or your gonna be found". He was talking about the darkness in the tunnel. My poem is what I got out of his statement about life.

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