No One Will See

May 5, 2010
By Anonymous

On my knees.
Daddy please.
Take that hand
Keep it to yourself
I wish i could shout
But you don't know
I'm there
Or are you
I can't see the pain
On his face
Each time
A silent prayer
Just take
That clenched
Brick hand
Down from there.
You're denying
I know you
Can't see
What you're doing
Through this thick air
Filled with
The tears
That made him
How he remains
all her fears

I don't know you
Nor will I
Ever again.
You're not the daddy
That always lived,
'The bigger
The better
The stronger.'
Is this now
You're stronger
Or can this 'family'
Expect any more?
Your anger
Seems to come from
No source
To what
Are you even
Doing this
To him for?
Not when i witness
Can i see the man
You force
Everyone to believe.
My eyes held on you now
I can't even call you
A man.
An image of you
Standing there,
This is not the daddy
I will let myself
I can't call you that
when you do this
To him and me.

Another blow
Thunder in our house
Over this
How can you not her
My pains
They're screaming
For me
But they wont escape;
Locked in my chest
My mouth
Dare not let it be
Anything but
Held silent
While my eyes
And body
Choke on the screams.

Each time you do
I feel his pain
Through my eyes.
The pain
He knows only
As the love
He'll ever recieve
From you.
The marks
He will label them
Paint not just his
But both your childrens'
Just as well
Take a hammer
To the beautiful
Angel face
That you replaced
With the anger
That bled
Through him
Every day he tried
To grow up,
Outgrow the pains

These thoughts
Mended in my mind
I am not a thoughtless
Who cannot comprehend
What she sees
But you leave me
To believe
That this was how
All families
Are functioning.
No one will know
The images i see
Still replayed.
Day after Day.

Never meant a thing
If the
Blue eyes baby
Told of the stories
She saw
While no one noticed her
Wide eyed
Fear bearen shaking.
Praying your hands
To cease
Though not to
Come near.

She will always remember
Under the America bench.
Behind the green chair.
Chest to the floor
On the stair balcony.
His cries will reach
Her heart
But there is no shelter
No way to hide
Block out
The hurt
You carve
Him with.

Lucky you
They know to keep
Their mouths shut
As the little boy
Hides your treatment well.
No one will question
You tell yourself,
There wont be
An answer
To an unasked question
No one to tell
Or dare to will
To tell.
Not even the
Blue eyed baby
That you pretend
Can't see
The torcher you placed
On him and me.

The author's comments:
Abuse in families affects all that are watching and listening, not just the one being hurt.
Each blow hits each member of the situation.

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