Broken Hearts in Beautiful Homes

May 5, 2010
By Anonymous

Let me tell you a secret.
There are distraught fathers who realized that they missed the entirety of their children’s childhood for a series of business meeting and piles of paper.
There are flustered mothers reading books with titles, “How to Help Your Depressed Teen” or “What to do When Your Daughter is Bulimic.”
There are alcohol stains on the carpet from Daddy’s never ending stream of drinks.
There are raging screams echoing louder than any I-pod can go.
There are bruises under Mrs. Waterston’s new Coach sweater.
There are hickies from his newest secretary under Mr. McMan’s freshly ironed Armani suit collar .
There are scars on Emma’s hands from her last round of chemo therapy.
There are broken hearts in beautiful homes.
Life is not as polished as the new coat of paint on the Porsche.

The author's comments:
Money doesn't solve everything.

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