May 5, 2010
By , Tenafly, NJ
I am alone
In the cold dark world
With no one to catch the tears I shed
Longing for the eternal life of passion
I am alone
Without help
Only hinder
With nothing but pain
To keep me alive
I am alone
Tonight and for the rest of my life
To ponder
And wonder
Why I was chosen
To be the loneliness of my past
But not the happiness for my future
The wind is my spice of life
That pushes me towards the light
But the warm darkness is pulling me back into a world terror and despair
I am alone
In the cave
Locked beneath lies and sorrow
And misery blanketed over me
Shielding me from the outside world
The only place to rid of my sins
And the ailing
The Agony
Words that haunt my burning soul
With unanswered questions
When will the come?
Will the Loneliness stay with me forever?
When will the light press upon my pale skin
Scaring away every fabricated emotion there is to live
I am alone
I don’t want to be
But I am
Echoing sounds of my voice
Shadow through the graceful sounds of the wind
I am alone
Loneliness is the major aspect of my life now
Sad to say
Is the only thing there, when I have no one
And others have left to
Die in the cold me
Sing in the dark
And cry in the silence
I am alone
Forever and tonight
The moon gleaming my ever loneliness
So soon to speak of the truth
So I wait until the misery falls
In the sea of other passing emotions
Longing for vise versa
Seeping into my veins
Flowing through my blood stream
Pulling me to the light
Struggling from the darkness
I say Good-bye

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