May 5, 2010
To all the loners out there
The ones who struggle to make a friend
To all the livid lone
To all the sadness and the grief
The anger and joy
The Love and Pain
That consume unassailable,
So strong yet weak enough to destroy internal crux
To all the young and the restless
May God have pity upon your soul
To all the heartbreakers
The naive, erroneous, who hold all liability
To all the heartbroken, the disconsolate
To all the ones who hold the sadness and hope, the anger and contempt, the fear and lust, the pride and rage
The untied emotions that hold them back
The emotions you can’t divest yourself of
Emotions that stream through like a flowing river
Attacking every living cell of your body
Releasing a ‘big bang’
The Emotions that contaminate all your sentiments
Ailing your mind body and soul
That impaired your heart
Emotions that you can’t think of any utterance to describe
Emotions in war with you believe is right
Emotions you feel is odium but you would perish into oblivion without them
Waiting for that last goodbye kiss
So all the emotions could run all over you skin
And take over your body, so you have no direct domination
With the Enthrallment, jubilation, remorse, mortification
Letting your emotions win the battle
With another train coming of the track
And the emotions flying by
Praying, weeping they’ll come back to you someday

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