May 5, 2010
By writer1942 BRONZE, Germantown, Wisconsin
writer1942 BRONZE, Germantown, Wisconsin
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I need to let this out
Scream and shout it
What part of listen don’t you understand
I want you to hear me
Not just empty words
Listen up
Don’t tell me your zonen out
I need to be clear
And to be HEARD
My words have meaning
I’m talking to you
My ideas have worth
Why don’t you listen
Cause what I've got to say
I ain't saying twice
You’ve got to start hearing
Or I'm out
I'm through being the best for you
For someone who gives nothing in return
This ain't no one way street
You’ve got to give something in return
I'm not perfect and plastic
I have my flaws to
But you don’t care who you hurt
Has long as its not you
Now I'm done with your stupid little excuses
And your hearing damage
I thought I could care enough for two
But it seems this ain't gonna do
You’re a high maintenance friend
You take take take
And no give
I'm done
You can complain
and cry
About whatever you want
All you want
Cause this girl ain't gonna care one bit
I'm as hard as steal
Because isn’t that what you’ve been doing?

The author's comments:
In any relationship where someone has known another for awhile, they tend to get into a pattern. People get used to just expecting things from others. We forget that these people in our lives aren't permanent, that they can disappear at any time for any reason. We need to treat everyone with respect all the time. Being close to someone is no excuse.

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