May 5, 2010
By Ashley Jensen BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
Ashley Jensen BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
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Jaguars paws press against the cool, damp ground. They hunt for their prey in the shadows.

Up above fly the birds, trying to reach the sunlight; twirling through the canopies.

Not completely hidden, the tree frog creeps up the tree. He inches up slowly; with each small step he is careful to keep blending in. He hopes he won’t be eaten.

Gambling for life or death every day; no day is for sure. The monkeys foolishly leap from tree to tree, carelessly; as the feline crouches in the corner, waiting to pounce.

Lurking in the corner the leopard waits; careful not to step on a twig. She sees her prey and lunges. She does what she has to for her to survive.

Eager to learn, the new cub steps out, into the cold damp ground. She follows her mother’s footsteps. She observes everything her mother does. Another generation has come.

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