Without You

May 5, 2010
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Who are you?
Do you know yourself?
Do we know who you ever were?
Have you redeemed yourself from hell?
Your eyes are as black,
as a blood massacre,
as fake as the woman at your side.

How do you live?
How can you be?
Do you not see what you have done,
to yourself?
To your image?
To your heart?

But is it true?

or are you a puzzle that you slowly put togeather?
A fragmented image..
or do you mean to be who you are?
do you know every molded peice or dagger you place?
Are you proud?
Does it make you smile?
Warm your insides.
Are you full of glee.
To see what you have done.
All the tears and pain you have caused.
How does it make you feel to know
that your deception has brought us
and regret or question of your love.
Did you know each day im not around you,
my life looks a little more gold.
That even after you fought so hard to bring us down,
we are stricking up, and now my future is so much more clear.
How i believe i can do something, that i am something,
to love!
How does it make you feel to know,
we are prospering.
How does it make you feel?
To know we will no longer let your shadow,
overcast us?
We are now our own.
We have excepted our own mistakes,
have you?
We have become so much stronger,
through you,
but without you,

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