Facing Reality

May 5, 2010
You can come to me for anything
he says
I know
is all she whispers

She looks so peaceful
and content
it’s too bad he doesn’t know
what’s really going on

She keeps him in the dark
so he won’t see her cry
and all her feeble attempts
He could help

Dreaming sweet dreams
she’s still at war with herself
She fights for control
and stability

Feeling like there’s no choice
she makes a decision
One that seems like a solution
no matter how much she doesn’t want to do it

He walks in, hoping to surprise her
But he’s the one surprised
Laying there, with a hole through the heart
She doesn’t move

He races over
to check her pulse
no matter how much blood
She’s barely there

Calling for help
fresh tears in his eyes
Please don’t leave me
he begs

Help arrives after what seems like hours
They take her to medical supplies
Hours drag on
She’ll be fine they say

Steadily he walks to her
tears in both their eyes
emotions flow between them
with one look in each other’s eyes

Soul mates
one once described
the deep connections
within each other

No idea how to ask
the questions that burn
deep inside him
He trembles

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