Happy Place

May 5, 2010
By , surprise, AZ
laying back flat,
thoughts focused on nothing specific,
with a glow like that of a great magestic cat,
the mood is terrific.

running with a breeze comes the air,
whistling through the sky,
the most perfect scene to share,
and feel as if you can fly.

invisible it is to the eye,
thats the fear,
natural no need to try,
definatly seen by ear.

flickering and bright,
no longer alone,
stars shine their light,
beauty that sets the tone.

fresh new smells,
enter through the nose,
the aromas are quite swell,
together it all flows.

feeling unbounded and free,
each and every second,
calm and steady,
like a slow motion moment.

in this spot,
relaxed with no stress,
i lay free of thought,
time has paused i confess.

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