The Beat of Life

May 5, 2010
By cwayho BRONZE, Jericho, New York
cwayho BRONZE, Jericho, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"It's not about the years in your life. It's about the life in your years."

I lay in my bed,
The soft rustle of
Silk sheets
Beneath my
Resting, exhausted,
My breathing
Calm, steady,
Inhale, exhale
As though
Pulse and breath,
Were one.

My idle, sleepy gaze
Wandered outside,
Through the window
And to the
Glittering, dotted
Night sky.
It descended downwards
To the warm, nurturing
Earth beneath.
The soil and its inhabitants
Were sleeping,
Inhale, exhale.

My gaze found
An owl’s ruffled figure,
Perched upon
A sagging branch,
Against the white,
Brilliant moon,
Its body reposed,
In peace and at rest,
Its mighty chest
Inhale, exhale.

Under the
Twinkling stars,
And the lone moon,
The crow, the earth,
And I
Breathed, resting,
Inhale, exhale.

A golden tint,
Infected the
The dull shapes of night,
Painting all
With fantastic
And the birth of day
Inhale, exhale.
Steadily the pulse
And the breathing
Rose in tempo,
Inhale, exhale.
Faster and faster.
Inhale, exhale.
A new day
Was starting.

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