The Journey

May 6, 2010
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Two roads paved in nature itself

One of molten rock

The other of frozen ocean

Two travelers on these separate paths

Share so much in common

But the ground on which they tread

Their paths converge

And clash as they may

They meld down the way into
something on which they can both walk

They meet one another and see the differences at first

One’s burnt feet

The others frost bitten toes

One’s fiery soul

The other’s emotions becoming glacial

Their love grows as intense as the means under which they’ve walked

But what happens when the paths diverge again

Do they let go and walk where they know best

Or do they pave one together

Do they let the places from whence they came shatter the bond they’ve created

Or build upon it and form their own

A new path

A path just for them

Ice and lava

Formed as one

The impossibility sets in

They look at one another

Conflagration within ice

Cool winds over bonfires

The path ends

But at the end

Lays a small cottage

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