May 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Dandiya sticks twirling through my fingers, swirling colors of the ribbon all around, the thwack of the dandiyas mimicking the beat of the music.

All around, feet are jumping the rhythm flowing through their veins into their hearts

Nothing but sweat, smiles and song fill the room, colorful skirts spinning like individual pieces of a kaleidoscope and the pride of being Indian is felt throughout.

Choreographing each movement to perfection, move after move, our minds racing to bring out the freshest moves while keeping the culture alive.

Intricacy of the facial expressions move our black highlighted eyes from left to right, while the delicacy of each hand movement brings out a tale.

Never stopping our bodies from moving along the beat, each and everyone of us
moving closer to accomplishing our feat.

Ghungroos, the bells wrapped around our feet, jingle in time from step to step,
completing the music with our personal depth.

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