The Journey

May 5, 2010
By Shubham BRONZE, Bandung, Other
Shubham BRONZE, Bandung, Other
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Favorite Quote:
I cannot be defeted !!

I live in shanty
Where I listen to a chantey
I unbolt the door and find a Witch
BIDA BING, BING BADA, BADA BOOM She waves the wand, casting a spell on me
The wand is a dog’s tail wagging in the air
The cast turns me into a
The witch turns into a bird and walks away
I sprint around the house
I jump upstairs and see my daughter
Even though I am a frog I can still give a lecture
She looks at me and is alarmed
She kicks me out of window
And runs downstairs, locks the door
I leap around till I find the witches house
It is as small as a nest
I wonder how she get’s into the house
I enter the house and start searching her
The house is stinky and has lots of magic potion
I drink one and now it turns me into a
A fat, juicy, slimy PICKLE!
The step starts to get louder
My heart beat starts to get harder as if I am watching a horror movie
She steps out and looks at me
I can see her drooling till the spit comes out
She comes closer and holds me in her wrinkly green hands
Just as she is going to eat me
I shout
Don’t eat me; I am the frog who you spelled
She takes her dog tail like wand and puts me back into my original form
I run away because I am scared

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