May 5, 2010
By ElliottW SILVER, Waikoloa, Hawaii
ElliottW SILVER, Waikoloa, Hawaii
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4 billion years ago, the earth was formed
Or so they tell me
For an instant, the universe was a volcano
Spitting its fiery existence across space and time
Like my words
On this blank page
(But in a void blanker than fresh snow
Emptier than the space where you were just standing
Where now there is only air
Tantalizing with the taste of you)
Into this void came something
From nothing
And all was possible

200,000 years ago, the first humans walked the earth
Reveling in the opportunity for a fresh start
Free from sin
Without bounds

2,000 years ago, a man was granted eternal life on a cross
Destined to live on as an idea
He was not the first
Nor would he be the last

65 years ago, humankind unleashed the fire upon itself
And the flames that reflected in their eyes
Spoke of the enormous potential
To undo what had been done
To end what had begun
And there was power like never before

20 years ago, I became
To live a life with purpose
To learn, to grow, to be
20 years of hard work
Of tumultuous existence

5 minutes ago, you walked out the door
With no intention of returning
And I feel that you have seized history
The whole of eternity
Tossing it away
To tumble


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