I Learned To Fly

May 4, 2010
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Before the time,
I was a sapling,
Growing under protection,
Owning a world.

I grew, I rose,
My doors of world unlocked,
The windows I open,
And saw,

Massive creatures,
Through the corners of eyes on me,
Gazed and vanished,
I saw them running.

Closed my eyes, open,
I had image in dream,
Got an ambition,
My castle was built miles away.

I stretched my hands,
Moved my legs,
And saw,
The wings sprouting on back.

I rose up the ground,
Feel the air,
Winds thrust me on,
And I paved my way.

I put flaps beside my eyes,
As could see only,
The castle of dream,
I was furious.

Success rose to feet,
And I was shaking,
Joy and guts,
My way was clear.

Suddenly then I saw,
Those demons running ahead,
To the castle of mine,
Realizing I wasn’t alone.

Million were they,
Like flocks of grasshoppers,
And I wasn’t one,
In that stream, I chose.

Of course I learned to move,
Fly like a beast,
Through flaps on,
I could see only some.

And then came the time,
Many left behind,
Or left the way,
Many scattered far away.

I left alone,
But not the only.
Then took a breath,
Skimmed like a bird.

Over the meadows I moved,
And saw those flowers and flies,
The grasses waving tall,
On the songs of birds.

I landed on the ground,
Put off my flaps,
And packed those wings,
Close to the castle, I was relaxed.

This thought in mind,
I danced on the sunshine,
Those buds of life,
And the songs of mine,

I moved ahead,
And saw my feet,
On a shallow stream,
Mud ahead I wasn’t known.

My flaps were off,
I was watching besides,
Those beautiful couple of birds,
In their new life.

I moved ahead,
My feet were sucked,
Deep inside,
I was late to realize,

I threw my hands,
And legs apart.
The more I tried,
The more was sucked,

Finally making,
Down to bottom.
There was dark around,
And I was alone.

Suddenly there ,then
I saw candles of light,
Moved hopefully,
Close by.

Those were the devils eyes,
Not the candles of mine.
They hammered on my chest,
My heart was broken.

I sink in grief,
Closed the eyes of hope.
I pointed on the past,
And rebuked the future.

My present was drowning,
And I saw my castle,
Many were close,
Reach its side.

I smiled on the task,
And rebuked on the past,
My feet were now in chains,
Of weeds had grown around.

Jammed it,
My soul,
It was struggling,
The body unresponded.

My hands in pocket,
Felt the flaps.
It got it to the wings,
It locked.

The shivering in my spine,
I felt responsible,
Put those flaps on,
The wings unlocked.

It was tattered and lifeless,
Oh! My grief grew large.
It had its feathers fallen,
Weak it was.

I learned that at least,
My legs were right.
I started my legs shake,
Just for try.

I made the weeds fall,
Apart like the water.
Oh! This was only the strength,
The weeds could afford.

I was chained by,
My misgivings and fear.
I moved my legs apart
And felt feather on wings.

I rose up one step,
Two steps the rocks,
Pulled me down,
But I was growing.

As, I see, these rocks,
Have grown all they could,
Me was free,
To rise ahead.

I felt my wings,
Moving in air with might,
After sometime,
I left the stream.

With the flaps on,
I could only see,
My castle at long,
I learned my way,
And fly ahead.

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tulika said...
Jun. 2, 2011 at 12:01 am
this is a marvellous piece of writing..so true..so appealing..and most importantly, it instills in us, that zeal which gets somewhere lost after we face a failure in our life..it gives us the inspiration to work hard and generates hope in us or better tomorrow..
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