April 29, 2010
By Rebecca Urquhart BRONZE, I Fell In Love In, New York
Rebecca Urquhart BRONZE, I Fell In Love In, New York
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I’ve survived the reality of life and the unbearable truth
The harshness of high school and the people so untrue
I’ve taken risks and questioned morals
I look back with no regrets

I’ve survived growing up in this world,
Where it’s hard to be accepted the way you are
They say “you’ll never be like us,”
You’re a freak

I’ve survived through the days of depression and pain,
And from all that I’ve lost, I’ve gained something back
I’ll never let anything tear me down again
I’m stronger now, try again

I’ve been through hell and back,
Learning lessons that I’ll never forget
Now I leave the past behind
It’s better to know that I’ve survived

The author's comments:
When i get in the mood, I just love to write. This poem is relating to my life and is just a little something I thought of.

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