adapt or perish

April 29, 2010
By poison BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
poison BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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death is more universal than life, everyone dies, but not everyone lives!

Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature's inexorable imperative. Nature is a blithe creature, but treats everything the same. Always changing yet always follows the rules. It integrates and encourages all just not the weak. Admonishing all about its one rule, which we continue to try to break. Kill or be killed. That is nature law. Society tells us to act civilized, but the truth is we are abominablistic animals. We are like assailants trying to appease the people we are supposed to eradicate or kill, to survive the way we are supposed to. People say that we have evolved from cavemen. I disagree, all we did was find, not evolve. We found what the earth can give us but we forgot how it gives us nature. Humans are becoming impervious to motherly gifts that nature tries to give us. Take 5 seconds to think about nature’s ponderous mind. We can’t not with our minds. We need our hearts to accomplish such a task. Society tells us that the most important part of our body is our brain. And that’s how we see, talk and feel, breathe and taste. But if we do all those things with our hearts the feeling wouldn’t be so transient. It is our hearts that give us the integrity to live, without it what would we be? Humans, animals, lovers or haters? No; we would be evil, and evil brings men together.

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