April 29, 2010
Music is the stuff that gets me wild,
When i dance old people say go head child,
i two-step, toe-wop, and chicken noodle soup,
With a soda on the side yeah i like my mountain dew

I get my crew and say come on Jabba Wockeez,
People thought we dance but instead we play hockey,
I also like to do, do the runner up,
Yes i Harlem shake but the i double up.

I aunt jackie too but yall aint ready for that,
Its peanut butter jelly time im bringin it back,
We got peanut butter inside out jelly,
If you like it so far hit me up on my celly.

Now dutty wine been out long time ago,
Hot wuk to, yeah its mad old,
I gotta catchem all just like Pekachu,
Get your lite feet goin, yup that how T.P do.

I used to crank that soulja boy, i use to walk it out,
Now i do that jerk, you know whats is about,
We Tek Weh We Self and Cut Dem Off,
We Tek It To Dem Brooklyn love to show off.

Now Bre Shake it Out,
Dezzy do it for The Ladies,
Luchana bad one,
and ima Toe-wop Baby

Now This is The end Of mY first Musical Rhyme,
GooDbye fOr now and i see you next time

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Jazzi3boo said...
Jun. 2, 2010 at 6:23 pm
Very Creative
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