Don't Judge

April 29, 2010
What matters to me
May not matter to you
When you look at me
What do you see
Because what you see is
Nothing close to what may be
Until you feed your dad at fourteen
When he’s sick in a hospital bed
Or change him when you’re seventeen
You can’t judge me

My past and heartache
You could never understand
I feel any second I could break
But I always look so grand
This is mostly always fake
But I pull off that good ‘ol smile
‘Til I go to my home with no father
A father is not all I’ve lost though
A best friend with a baby still in her belly
In a car crash so unexpected in the snow
You never know what someone goes through
But don’t apologize to me now
For all that talk you do
Because your sympathy is unreal
And I wouldn’t want you to waste your time
Because it’s not a big deal
Or is it?

Don’t judge people around you
For you may not see
All the pain and suffering
They never would agree
To take on such a big task
Because they’d rather be free

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