i sit and wait

April 29, 2010
By line-don BRONZE, West Palm Beach, Florida
line-don BRONZE, West Palm Beach, Florida
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i sit and wait to past the time,
as i elevate my state of mind.from here i see the ten foot fences with barbwire top a new demension.
so if i stress i think of after filled with joy and mature laughter.
wiht my mothers smile and my fathers heart ill be man with a brand new start.
people say theres nothing here but what i see is very clear,and thought its true they contradict .
i see through the hunger and the lies bro lifes a b***h!
dont as me why she screams and cries about the stress from which we rise up to the test to become the best.
who though of that when we were dragging chains whipped and hanged.
what was going through theyre brains.
makes me sick the insidious things they did.
but now the cream has risen to the top of the pie;now that the president is black we all look up to the guy.
now i sit and wait as this life unfolds.what does it hold? only god above us knows.
when i pray i pray for my destiny my fathers love is bringing out the best in me.
so as i walk through the valley and the shadow of death I'll be completely insipid,to walk on with no regrets.

The author's comments:
very deep peice.

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