The Archies

April 29, 2010
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Amazing Green eyes and striking orange hair,
Who to date was his only care.
Love is blinding so they say,
Blondie or Brunette, who’s it going to be today?

His needle nosed friend,
Told him not to girls attend.
He said there are so much better things in life…
Like food, hamburgers, pizza—girls simply cause too much strife.

His dark headed frienemy, determined to steal the brunette
Although he Midge couldn’t leave or let.
A player he was call—cloddered by the big Moose.
Now he’s got even more teeth loose.

Dilton Doiley was always playing a Sudoku game.
To improve his smart little brain.
Nine, Seven, Two, Five, Three.
Him and numbers were meant to be.

Betty and Veronica; the best of friends
Shirt and Shoes to each other they lend.
But lay off my redheaded man.
HE’S MINE! **&^%#$wack!@#Boom!*&@#BAAM!

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