Man vs. Nature

April 29, 2010
Man vs. Nature

Twittering every which way,
Up there,
Down here.
Swaying of trees as wind picks up,
Leaves tango as they brush against each other.
Chill bumps rise.
Little clovers beneath my feet.
Hum of a lawnmower drowns out tranquility,
Whoosh of vehicles distracts harmless creatures.
Sweet songs fade in fear our mechanical beasts,
Poor innocence evaporates.

Yet, they did nothing wrong,
Our impulsive machinery devours greens on browns.
Homes destroyed;
Families separated.
Dainty daffodils, pearly petunias, candy carnations shrivel away.
Although, hope fills
Seeing that great bright ball, behind gray fluff, peep out.
Maybe a sliver of chance lives?
All as I absorb natural elegance,
Beauty struggles to breathe on.

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