April 28, 2010
Don't waste your time on me.
Don't waste your breathe.
It will only end up bloody.
You will drown in your own bloody bath.

I ruin simple lives.
I tend to destroy the more complex.
It's not on purpose.
But I cant stop this mess.

I don't want to hurt you.
I don't want to see you cry.
Please stay away from me.
All I ask is that you try

Invite me to your house.
Invite me to come in.
This is the mistake you made,
and now you cannot win.

Believe me when I tell you.
Believe me when I say.
I'm not one to mess with.
I'm not one with whom you should play.

The pain you'll feel when i am done.
The pain you will not be able to bare.
It will happen so sudden.
You wont even be aware.

Ask the ones that know me.
Ask them how I am.
You might not like the answer
but I am who I am.

Killing what I love the most.
Killing all I want.
I don't like the way that sounds.
But at least I'm telling you up front.

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