Little Voice Inside

April 28, 2010
By Baddabang BRONZE, Fairview, Utah
Baddabang BRONZE, Fairview, Utah
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Little Voice Inside

My little voice inside
Is scrambling, rambling
On about everything, anything.
I can’t tell what it’s saying.
It’s too confusing, amusing
Itself with the task of causing
My feelings to go bouncing
Up and down, up and down.

I’m frowning as I’m hitting, rolling
On the ground below that’s heaving
Me upward and telling
Me to smile, so I’m laughing
While the time is turning, churning
What I’m feeling
All around, round and round.

I pause and I am thinking
Of my little voice that’s shrinking
While it’s hiding, biding
Time although it’s wanting
To be talking, walking
Out from where it’s living
In then out, inside out.

My little voice is trying, prying
Open up my mouth that’s clamping
Down and not allowing
Any words to come out flowing, showing
What I’m really feeling
Though the open ears are list’ning
Not a sound, not a sound.

And so it starts confiding
In my heart that’s thumping, pounding
Like ocean echoes sounding
And I feel I’m nearly drowning
So I’m leaving, running
Farther from the beating
Getting slower, growing softer.

And then I find I’m tucking
My voice under its covering
Where soon I’ll find it scrambling, rambling
On about everything, anything
While outside I’ll be frowning, smiling
About all that’s always coming
From my little voice inside.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because I think everyone can relate to those times when the words just won't come out and everything needing to be said is racing in circles in your head. Then when you think you can finally say them, your heart yells "STOP!" and your voice shrinks back, only to hide until the next heart-pounding, mind-racing moment.

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