April 28, 2010
By HongK BRONZE, Flushing, New York
HongK BRONZE, Flushing, New York
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They say education is needed to build a good life, they tell us guys to find a good job so we can get a good wife. But all I see education cause is constant strife
Between our families, friends, and neighbors alike. Children being oppressed without a shine of light
Everyone told me you need earn your way into stuy, any other school would be a waste of time
But I questioned and asked them why? You're telling me all those kids are better than I?
So let me get this straight, you're telling me those schools would give me more? Can you honestly claim that theory, are you so sure? Promise me you won't talk when that stuy kid and I end up working for the same store.
Parents keep kids home for the SATs. Tell their children they're all doctors and lawyers to be. But a four digit number doesn't tell anyone the're better than me.
They tell me a four point oh earns me a ticket to Yale while anything less and my life would be a fail
Now don't get me wrong, education is needed. Especially in our society; idiots must be weeded
But what's the point of getting upset over a fifty five? When in the end, we'll all be living similar lives
Sure, there's the rare standout or two but what are the chances of them being me and you?
I guess I can say education is overrated, but who am I to talk? I haven't even made it

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by the typical Asian parent stereotype; seeing as I'm Asain, I know that many people's parents expect high or near perfect grades. The plethora of pressure a parent can give is certainly superfluous. I understand that an education is important, but, quite frankly, in the end, most of us are going to be living similar lives. However, in the end, I'm still only a high schooler.

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