That one guy

May 4, 2010
By MaxCiti BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
MaxCiti BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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I wish he were standing next to me like a shadow
So I know that he is there watching me
As if he was a god
Making sure I don’t get hurt
I sing one of his favorite songs
Just to remember that I miss him
Every time I close my eyes I see his smile
As bright as the sun
When I dream, I dream of him
The green comb in his back jean pocket
Makes me laugh.
I wish he were here to make me laugh.
So I can stop staring into space to remember
The look he does when something is perverted
His eyes make me calm and wish even more
Its like I have to try hard for him to notice me
I just want to hear his laugh
It’s like a Disease it spreads
I can listen to him talk and talk forever because,
I love his voice to me its an angels lullaby
Oh the way he sings on the phone makes me
Smile hard as a rock
I would cry forever if he were to vanish as if he was a lost sock
He as me in his grasp, I don’t want him to let me go
I find myself wondering about him
I wish he were here
Is I can talk to him about anything
His jokes catch me when I least expect it
I see him everywhere
I can’t go though a day with out his voice
Of his that makes me heart beat…Boom Boom
His nerd like attitude I love
The way he won’t really get mad I love
He has it all
He has the looks, love, cuteness, sweet, and is a gentleman.
He has it all
I wish he were here like a shadow
To be here would make my days brighter
My nights sweeter
He leaves me breathless. Speechless as if I was a corpse
All I want to hear is him say he loves me too
But I feel like I am not worthy of those words
All I can say is I wish he was mine
I love him
I would never hurt him in anyway
I just want to see him smile when he see’s me

The author's comments:
i love him

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