May 4, 2010
By miss2kool BRONZE, Houston, Texas
miss2kool BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
The Golden Rule

Te amo means I love you,
But what does I love you mean.
Who came up with this phrase of affection and strong emotion.
Daylight comes and night time is sure to follow.
The streets reflect the moonlights beaming rays;
Giving off a false impression of happiness.

Te amo means I love you,
But what does I love you mean.
I love you; covered up on a dark lonely path by the truth it is really composed of.
Silence used to avoid the shame; avoid the pain;
And move on with the game.

Te amo means I love you,
But what does I love you mean.
A sewing kit to mend a broken heart.
Or just a mere gesture to isolate true colors.
Forever a mystery; forever a game that will continue until the last player is finished.

The author's comments:
I had to do a poetry project. Part of the project requirements were to write a poem kind of in the style of the poet you picked (I picked T.S. Eliot). So I went from there and when I let my peers read my poem they all thought I stole it off of the internet I laughed and said why would you doubt me. The when I got my grade back for my project I got a 100 and my teacher wrote on my poem that she loved it and that I should submit it here to Teen Ink and she was upset that I hadn't written it earlier so that I could have published it in our school's literary magazine. But I'm not sure what I hope people get out of my poem I'm just glad that people really like it and that I have a new found talent.

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