I Make You Miserable, I Make You Weep

May 4, 2010
Some people say I am one thing, others say I am many.
I hide away in your mind and soul,
You can never escape me, for I’m here,
Apart of you forever.

I can tear apart city by powerful city
With just a hiss from my deceiving lips.
You can never hide from me,
For find you I shall.
Your reputation will be torn memory from experience apart.

I am the unforgiving lie told about you.
Made up to crush your spirit,
So my teller can be hoisted upon your pedestal.

I roll right off peoples tongues spitting in all the wrong faces.
Don’t find yourself in some place of wonder,
For then I will be spread even farther.
The farther I’m thrown about,
The harder for you to tell the truth it will be.

Rumor is my name and knocking people down is my game.
I leave you in a corner knowing what I am is a lie,
But will anyone care?
I think not!

I will leave salt encrusted stream after stream
Running down your emotionally-beaten face.
I will use every ability I have to take what is yours
To be mine.

Against me, you’ll never stand a change.
For I am Jealousy, the Goddess of all Evils.
Watch out, for I am waiting for my next vulnerable victim.

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