Walk Away

May 4, 2010
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My gleaming eyes met you and my heart stopped.
The way your smile spread across your face,
Like the way the leaves’ shadow spreads on my green grass,
Made my breath stop.
Your eyes were like two sapphires sparkling in the summer sun.
My whole body wants to stop and stare as you walk by.
Then you walk away and my body comes back to reality.
My reality where I am an ordinary girl.
No you, no us, no being together anymore.
Your absence is not like the absence of the snow in the spring,
No, it is not a happy feeling in any shape or form.
This feeling that tears my heart right out of my chest,
Gives me a sense of revenge.
You don’t know what it is like to be left with nothing,
Nothing but a shredded heart and no tools for repair.
This may not help, but it will give me some relief,
At least temporarily heal my heart.
Exit my comfort of weeping and self-pity,
And enter the world of darkness.
My heart no longer longs for you, but only to hurt you,
Hurt you worse than you hurt me.
Yes, the sense of revenge is rushing full force through my body,
Like the river currents of the Amazon.
My heart beats frantically as I sprint down the street.
My eyes meet yours for the very last time.
Not one ounce of joy is in my heart for you now
I raise my hand, and then you drop down dead,
I should have just walked away and left it.

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