April 15, 2010
By Lexi-lookpastme BRONZE, Unknown, Tennessee
Lexi-lookpastme BRONZE, Unknown, Tennessee
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I stand in the rain.

Hair soaked and eyes red.

Why don't you love me,

What did I do wrong?

Was I just too messed up for you,

Needed attention for something not all my fault.

I can't see your love?

Where the rain calms.

You strain,


Clench your fists when you see.

Did I mention I'm sorry.

That I want you to forgive me.

I want you to love me.

They do.

My friends,


They understand.

So here I am,

In the rain waiting for a train,

I'm leaving you now.

Sorry I didn't before.

I caused so much trouble,

I just don't see why your not in trouble?

You don't love me.

I'm your daughter.


The author's comments:
This is something i wrote that i felt. i tend to write my feelings. please give opinions. i will eppriciate them no matter if they are good or bad. thanks

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